Menopause and Mental Health: Situational Anxiety

In 2020, I had the privilege of speaking with one of my dearest blogging friends, Dr. D! We discussed all things anxiety. She explains the difference between anxiety disorder and situational anxiety.

This conversation is especially important for women over the age of forty because anxiety and depression can increase during these peri- or menopausal times.

During our conversation, Dr. Dinardo provides 3 strategies to help us cope with situational anxiety, especially because it may be heightened during the pandemic and times of racial unrest. I also revealed a real-time experience that caused me a bit of anxiety.

If you don’t want to hear Dr. D. and I dote on one another, then you should begin this episode around the 7-minute mark.

Finally, if you’re experiencing anxiety disorder, then I’d like to encourage you to consider and seek cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for treatment.

Dr. Andrea Dinardo is a psychology professor and former school psychologist. During her TEDx Talk and on her psychology blog, she discusses how to thrive under pressure using three stress resilience tools: challenge, commitment, and control, a framework for mental health and motivation used throughout her psychology videos and workshops.


7 Comments on “Menopause and Mental Health: Situational Anxiety

  1. Thank you so much Dr. G! For the interview. For our friendship. And for the perfect timing of this post! My own situational anxiety has been heightening this past week, due to the Canadian pandemic lockdown and all the extras it adds to daily life. And so today, I made the decision to take a PAUSE from media (social media and “the news”) for the next few weeks, to reconnect with my body and nature, as we discussed during this interview. Taking down the overstimulation, in areas where I have control. A mini freedom tour and some B R E A T H I N G Space. Dr. D xo

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    • Eek! Yes. “Doctor, heal thine self,” right? I’m glad to hear you’ve taken the necessary steps to be well. Crossing my fingers for a bigger freedom tour for you and your hubby, eventually ❀

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    • Thank you Khaya! I encourage everyone to follow Dr. D. and subscribe to her blog…you’ll always get a dose of what you need with her ❀

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