When you’re in perimenopause, you may begin to have irregular periods. For example, sometimes I have two menstrual cycles per month and then none at all for a few months. “Irregular” can also include heavier periods. I’ve experienced this as well. As a result, I sought out a different type of pad than the Always® I’d worn since childhood. Ironically, I turned to a product my adolescent daughter uses: L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons. Because she introduced me to these products, I thought it fitting for her to write the first review:

Product Review: L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons

by Desi Garland

I started using L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons in 2020 while working at Walgreens. I happened to stumble upon them while I was stocking. I saw they provide the same options as other brands (e.g., overnight, ranges for different flows, with/without wings).

I had never seen or heard of these kinds of sanitary products before, so I looked them up to see what was being said about them. People said they were sort of safer seeing as though pads are usually unscented, and they claim to have reduced chemicals found in other brands that could have an affect on women’s hormones because they use organic cotton. That was all I needed to know to buy them because I already enjoy using other unscented products for my body, such as feminine wipes and body soap, and I liked that there was a possibility for less hormone involvement.

When I started using L. Organic, I noticed my cycle reduced from about five days to three very regularly. I also noticed that I just simply felt better during my periods as if the products were pairing better with my body.

Although L. Organic claims to be chemically free, they are not 100% free of chemicals, and because of this, they still have a toxic shock warning on the tampon box.

Overall: In my eyes there’s nothing to dislike about L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons. They are now my go-to when buying sanitary products.

Read more about L. Organic, which is created by women for women.

L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons are located at all major drug retailers.

*L. Organic didn’t pay either of us; this is an honest review of a product we both use.

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