The Mastering Menopause Bundle sale ends tomorrow—Friday the 13th! Over $900 worth of resources for only $37—plus bonuses. including my ebook Becoming A Menopause Goddess! Seriously, don’t miss out. (I’m not totally sure why it’s only offered for one week, but that’s how they do it.)

When the Ultimate Bundles folks contacted me about including my book, I said I’d need to see the quality of the other offerings first. They obliged, and I have to say they have curated the best resources in one place I could imagine. I am honored to be among them.

There are resources for exercise, diet, natural remedies, and how to navigate the change. I only wish these had been available back when we went through the Pause. Although, we wouldn’t have created our Menopause Goddess Group, so I guess it’s okay.

Exercise should be fun. Many of you know that I dance hula which is a wonderful, low-impact aerobic exercise and fun, as well. It also helps with balance and memory. Jennifer Sobel’s offering of introductory belly dancing offers those + strengthening of the pelvic floor, which is so necessary for menopause goddesses. “Forget boring kegels,” she says. I am enjoying the lesson—exercise should be fun! And heaven knows, we need a little fun on this journey. Check it out. Order here.

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