For the first time in twenty years, I enjoyed having my period. It is quite unbelievable I can say this, because for so long, all I have known is agony with my monthly friend. Typically, I experience extremely heavy second and third days, headaches from tampons such as Tampax Pearl, torrents of blood gushing when I stand, faintness at times when moving around, and intervals of aggravation. The only good thing about my cycle is that I’ve been free of cramps most of the time.

All the bad changed this month from a conversation I had with a sister-friend. We were talking about menopause and periods over a birthday brunch, and I shared how terrible my period experience is. She told me about an organic brand of pads and tampons I could try to have a better experience.

They are the L. Organic Cotton and Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons.

I wore both the pads and tampons, and they have changed my life.

ykeal deborrie

I wore both the pads and tampons, and they have changed my life.

  • First and foremost, my headaches, which are my most annoying side effects, completely went away when using L. Organic Chlorine’s tampons. This was the most noticeable difference and is my favorite change.
  • Secondly, I liked that the pads are thin and absorbent. I did not trust both to be possible, but both are with these. I had one leak, as opposed to my normal four or five.
  • The third difference I experienced was the level of comfort I had walking around wearing the pads and tampons. They were pleasant feeling, like they were not there. I had a positive attitude this time around from feeling less icky and more comfortable over the six days my cycle was on.

The one thing I disliked about the L. Organic Chlorine tampons is they were harder to insert. I threw out one clean tampon because it was difficult to push out the applicator. It took me a few minutes longer than normal to get the others out, too. This was frustrating since I am used to the Tampax Pearl tampons coming right out.     

Overall: Outside of this one struggle, my experience was exceptional. I am never going back to my old products. Also, I will be encouraging other women to try these out for their own health purposes and benefit.  

Read more about L. Organic, which is created by women for women.

L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons are located at all major drug retailers.

*L. Organic didn’t pay Ykeal Deborrie; this is an honest review of a product she has used.

Rating: (4.99/5)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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