Photo Feature: Laine Nixon

Laine Nixon

Laine Nixon (born in 1970) is an abstract painter based in Sarasota, Florida. She had solo exhibitions at Gallery 221@HCC and Alfstad & Contemporary. Nixon’s work is in the collections of RBC and HCC. In 2017, she won the John Ringling Towers Fund fellowship and a residency at the Hermitage Artist Retreat. Her core aim is to find the gap between visual perception and physical object, between “what is” and “what could be.” She pays homage to the bigger picture, hope, and possibility.

View Laine’s portfolio: Laine Nixon

Follow Laine on IG: @lainenixonstudio

Navigating the Change has partnered with photographer, Sorcha Augustine to curate images of women who are thirty-five or older being their full selves.

Sorcha Augustine is a dance and theatre photographer from Sarasota, Florida. She creates dynamic stage and promotional photography for performing arts organizations, as well as authentic portraiture of performing and visual artists, helping them communicate their skill, personality, and passion to their audiences.

Follow Sorcha on IG: @sorcha_augustine

Book Sorcha for your photos:

2 Comments on “Photo Feature: Laine Nixon

  1. Stunning! I like these photo features a lot, Kathy. In this era of filters, it’s refreshing to see real or relatable beauty. And I think as women, we get more beautiful as we grow older…I might be biased, of couse. 😀

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