I learned about Karen Arthur via Omisade’s Black Girls’ Guide to Menopause podcast. Once I heard her name, I added her on Instagram and began scrolling her posts with fervor. There was one post where she sounded off about how slanted the body mass index (BMI) numbers are against Black people. I’d always suspected as much, and it was affirming to read that someone else had this gripe.

Anywho, I digress.

I knew her podcast Menopause Whilst Black wouldn’t disappoint. And I was right. As of this review, I’ve listened to three episodes:

What I LOVE: Arthur is based in the UK, and according to her podcast description, she is “placing the menopausal experience of Black UK based women front and centre by sharing their stories.” Her guests are Black women from the diaspora. For example, Esther Poyer (Season 1, Ep. 8) has roots in Guyana. Fay Reid (Season 1, Ep. 9) has Jamaican roots. To me, this is the type of podcast that can globally connect Black women.

I also love that each woman explicitly shares part of her menopausal story and something that may be helpful. Esther Poyer talks about how she uses grounding as a method for living with hot flashes. In terms of how to deal with doctor’s visits, Julia Browne (Season 1, Ep. 3) advises women to not “leave without all of your questions being answered…and if you’re not satisfied, go somewhere else.” Fay Reid discusses the challenge with going through menopause as a woman who works an eight-hour job and who lost her mother to cancer.

The last thing I LOVE about this podcast is that the conversation is one of the most authentic I’ve heard about this topic as it relates to Black women. For example, Fay Reid delves into how her mental health shifted when she had to bury her mother. Esther Poyer discusses how different having anxiety is as a menopausal woman, as opposed to pre-menopause. They both discuss HRT and Black women’s hesitancy with taking it, while also describing how they decided how to manage their own mental health, respectively.

What I don’t LOVE: Typically, I have a list of things I don’t love about a product or podcast. This time, I don’t. I can’t think of one thing I dislike about this podcast.

Overall: In case I haven’t been clear. I LOVE Menopause Whilst Black.

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