Wellness Wednesday: Foodie Shack Podcast

For today’s Wellness Wednesday, the hosts of the Foodie Shack Podcast, my good friend Lisa and Chef Cedric interviewed me about foods that are best for women who are “navigating the change.”

Check it out here: Food and Navigating the Change (Buzzsprout).

…or here: Food and Navigating the Change (Spotify).

And be sure to like, subscribe, and listen to the Foodie Shack Podcast for other interesting takes on eating all of the things.

9 Comments on “Wellness Wednesday: Foodie Shack Podcast

  1. Katherin, my dear friend it touched me deeply to see this post when I did. I am up in the middle of the night and unable to sleep when I really need rest. Knowing this is likely related to my perimenopausal stage in life, I decided to look at your page to see what you and others had to say. I couldn’t believe that you were posting about my podcast show with you. Thank you for the returned support. Love you always my friend.

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  2. I loved the rhythm and flow of this interview Dr. G! Every word drew me in. Especially when you talked about the legacy of sharing “coming of age” with generations before us. This is why you do what you do! You Educate and Inspire the world.

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