Wellness Wednesday: Total Body Workout with LegitFit LLC

Navigating the Change has partnered with LegitFit LLC to bring you a workout (using only yourself, the wall, and a chair) and information designed just for women forty-five and older.

In this fifteen-minute video, Lish Danielle shows us the following:

  • :23 Things to Remember
  • 2:16 Nutrition for Women Forty-Five and Older
  • 3:22 How Much Protein Women Forty-Five and Older Should Have
  • 3:58 Warm-Up and Workout
  • 8:00 Stretching
  • 9:33 Push-ups and Planks for Women Who Have Hypertension
  • 11:08 Grounding the Spine Before Core Work
  • 13:17 Stretching

Lish Danielle

Lish found a love for fitness at the age of twenty-two. Within eight years, her mission has been to live a lifestyle of progress and moderation. Three children later, Lish works hard to emulate habits that will keep herself and her children healthy and happy. LegitFit LLC is the future she seeks to share.

Lish is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Follow LegitFit LLC on IG: @legitfit_llc

Subscribe to LegitFit LLC on YouTube: @LegitFit LLC

Sign up for virtual or in-person training with Lish and use the code #NavigatingTheChange until May 12, 2022 at LegitFit LLC.

5 Comments on “Wellness Wednesday: Total Body Workout with LegitFit LLC

  1. I will be trying this workout πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Thank you this post! Fitness is one hundred percent the foundation of both my mental and physical health. Game changer!

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