I first learned of My Bloody Hell (MBH) through Instagram. As is customary, the owner followed me, and I followed her back. I didn’t realize MBH was a podcast, until Lori, the host reached out to me about being a guest.

Before I agreed, I wanted to listen to a few episodes, and boy was I impressed. As of this review, I’ve listened to seven episodes.

What I LOVE: Lori L. Tharps lives in Spain, but she is from the United States. Her nationality was refreshing, because in my research, it is rare to find a Black American woman podcaster focused on perimenopause and menopause. According to her website, Lori “wanted to create a safe space where women could share their stories about perimenopause and they could find support and solidarity as well.” Like this blog, her guests are intentionally diverse in terms of race, religion, sexuality, and culture.

I also love that My Bloody Hell is focused specifically on perimenopause. Guests are not going through menopause or post-menopause. They all seem to be around my age, and having the same, collective wtf moments as me. Solidarity is heartwarming, for sure. After listening to several episodes, I’ve even changed how I talk about my own experience to specifically say PERIMENOPAUSE, instead of menopause, because Lori’s right…they’re different.

So far, I’ve found myself nodding in agreement with each guest, no matter what the topic. However, Episode 7, Living with Perimenopause, PMDD, and ADHD in Portugal: Maceo’s Story is my favorite. Maceo’s explains how perimenopause can compound existing issues, such as premenstrual dysphoric disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (which is underdiagnosed in girls), but according to Maceo more diagnosed in women who are in midlife. Hearing Maceo’s story reminded me of myself and my own two daughters and how much I need to support their health issues now, so they’ll be prepared later.

What I don’t LOVE: Quite honestly, there’s nothing I dislike. My Bloody Hell is literally what I’ve been waiting on for the past two years—a podcast where a diverse group of women share authentic, menopausal, I mean, perimenopausal stories. This is it, good people. I hope you’ll find this podcast as engaging and informative as I have.

OVERALL: My Bloody Hell is what we need right now! It’s beneficial for all women.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.