10 Ways Perimenopause Helped Me Get My Sh*t Together

Please go check out my guest blog on MidlifeIt, called 10 Ways Perimenopause Helped Me Get My Sh*t Together.

It’s authentic. It’s unapologetically me. It’s an actual account of how I feel in real time.

I hope you enjoy.

10 Ways Perimenopause Helped Me Get My Sh*t Together

7 Comments on “10 Ways Perimenopause Helped Me Get My Sh*t Together

  1. So much to love about your guest blog post on midlifeit Dr. G!

    The one that hit home for me the most with me as it relates to my own experience with perimenopause in my late thirties is Number 7: PERIMENOPAUSE HAS HELPED ME TO BE MORE AUTHENTIC.

    It was at that time that I woke up to my own voice and how it had been suppressed for so long by social conditioning. It was a kind of rage I had inside (no hyperbole here), so much so that John said I had better get me some therapy for all the yelling that seemed to follow me wherever I went.

    I went for kickboxing therapy and it helped me get it all out.

    The estrogen that had been flushing through my body for years came to a halt (they say estrogen is like heroine with its calming effects) and I didn’t quite know what to do with all these ‘feels” that my body had been suppressing.

    Slowly, I began to find a voice that was truer, softer, kinder, vulnerable, open, and not afraid to share my needs. Because I have learned that if I share my needs, wants, and wishes at a beginning of a relationship (business or personal), then it allows other people to determine if they want to still be in a relationship with me — the authentic me me.

    (The hardest part was with family, because they didn’t know how to handle the new “boundary” setting, Andrea needs A LOT of alone time, me. .. for some it took a decade to catch on. (Not my problem))

    Thank you for listening and reading Dr. G! I so appreciate our collective journey to freedom 👯‍♀️

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    • We really are twins, Dr. D!

      I used to have the nastiest attitude, ever. Anywho, I just listened to something about how estrogen really holds everything together for us (stress, anxiety, depression, digestion, etc.), and so when it depletes, then we’re not held together very well anymore lol It’s so fascinating to me.

      I say all of that to say…I understand, completely. Other people will adjust, and if they don’t, then oh well.

      I so appreciate you, too ❤

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      • Goosebumps on the other side of the screen. So much gratitude for our friendship and your words of wisdom and enlightenment and TRUTH.

        I still see you on Oprah’s couch 🛋 Your autobiography will be read by all.

        The universe knows when. 📖♾💙

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