I don’t really remember how I learned about FitOn. It may have been an Instagram advertisement. Those IG ads get me every time, and they’re pretty spot on. Anywho, the FitOn ad claimed it was a “completely free fitness app.” I’ve downloaded so-called completely free fitness apps before, so I was a little leery. But I’m always willing to try.

Guess what? It really is completely free, and they have workouts that will support anyone at any level.

What I LOVE:

Aside from being a free app, I love that you work out with an actual trainer, who does the movements with you. I’ve exercised with several trainers in real life, and what they don’t do is work out with you. FitOn instructors are actual instructors (some of them famous), and you can see if you’re correctly doing the squat, lunge, or whatever because they do the entire routine with you.

There are twenty-five different on-demand workout categories. So, whether you’re looking for cardio, strength, or HIIT, there’s something for you. There’s even a category called, “small space” and another called “before bed.” Within these workouts, you can choose from three intensity levels. This has been helpful as I’ve done as Karen, the Midlife Coach suggested and created more gentle workouts.

You can set reminders if you see a workout you want to do in the future. It’ll show up on your calendar, just like anything else you’ve scheduled. I’ve found that useful.

Also, I’m a little bit competitive, and FitOn’s social media component helps to nurture that competitiveness. You can add friends, encourage people you follow, and set up challenges. For example, I challenged a few friends and family members to workout ten times in December. It’s also possible to invite someone to do a workout with you, so it makes it a little more social and fun.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that FitOn offers more than just workouts. They have short fitness articles based on fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Each explains things like ways to burn more calories while walking, where to find gluten-free bread, or habits that support hearth health. The app also includes meal plans, depending on your timeframe and goals. And YES…it’s all free!

What I DON’T love:

FitOn does have a subscription version, which of course, they promote the hell out of. I don’t like that aspect, but I understand. How else are they going to make money?

I also don’t find their yoga workouts to be very engaging. The yoga instructors don’t provide much of a flow; it’s more like calling out poses and awkwardly moving from one stance to the next. Also, because I use the free version, all workouts end around twenty-five or thirty minutes.


FitOn is great for anyone who doesn’t want to go to the gym due to COVID, gym phobia, or any other reason. It provides a host of exercise options, so you’re sure to find something that you like. Exercise is recommended for all bodies, but if you’re experiencing perimenopause or menopause, movement can alleviate some health issues. FitOn can support you and your goals!

*FitOn didn’t pay me for this review.

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.