trE over at A Cornered Gurl is turning your thoughts into poetry. I asked her to create a poem about a woman who wants to accept how she looks now, but really she prefers how her younger self looked, but she knows she must move on in acceptance to truly be whole. And this is what she created! Hope you enjoy it!

To learn more about the Your Poem From Me: The Giving Cause, click here. Let trE write a poem for you. She can give it life.

A Cornered Gurl

The Giving Cause: This Is Me . . . Right?

This is me . . . Right?
I know me. I love me.
Everything about me is
different from anyone else.
My curves. My voice. The softer
and jigglier space that is
my middle. My hair. My eyes.
I know me. I love me.

It’s what I keep telling myself.
I have to do this.
I have to remind myself of
the goodness of me.
But I flit–fall into
the echos of my younger self,
lassoed by a time when I
was smaller, more headstrong,
and confident.

I try to push myself
through the present–try to
shift my mind to this
here and now, yet . . .
the past is a mistress.
She keeps calling me, you see.
I am weak for her.
She knows.

I look at NOW me–I
have doubts…

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