I first heard of the Everything is Fine podcast through IG. Initially, I scrolled through and double-tapped their memes, without really thinking about who they were. I didn’t realize they had a podcast, until I read their IG bio, which says, they’re “a podcast for women over 40.” I’m a woman, and I’m over forty, so I gave it a try during a road trip last summer. Everything is Fine is just what I needed. 

What I LOVE:

The hosts, Jennifer Romolini and Kim France speak to each other like friends, which they are. Typically, I like for my podcasts to get to the point. If you’re going to tell me five ways to move through perimenopause, then just tell me. But for some reason, I could listen to Romolini and France babble on about their lives forever before they get to the actual podcast’s topic. I think it’s not only because they have a real-life relationship, but also because they both have backgrounds in journalism and writing. Something tells me their “babble” isn’t really babble. 

I also love that the podcast is specifically for women over forty. You know what that means? I don’t have to wade through all of the lingo of Gen Y or Z. When they discuss popular culture, sometimes they reference something from my childhood or adolescent years, and I get it. They talk about why some male celebrities have zero gray hair, and how unrealistic that is. And of course, they discuss menopause and perimenopause topics, like how one of them reverted to drinking wine one night because that’s her go-to stress reliever, but how bad of a decision that was when she was up with night sweats later. What I’m saying is the podcast is totally relatable. 

Episode 91, The Science of Making (and Keeping) Friends is one of my favorites. In it, the hosts interview Dr. Franco, who delves into something I know many women have seen as a challenge: keeping friends. One of the most affirming things Dr. Franco shared is that it is totally normal to shed friends every seven years. The other mind blowing piece of advice she shared is that a lot of times we remain friends with people because we’ve known them so long. Dr. Franco suggests asking yourself if you would be friends with this person if you met them today. 

I also really enjoyed An Insider’s Guide to Fashion (with Teri Agins). I don’t usually care about following specific rules for how I dress, but Teri Agins made some good points. For example, Agins says that as we age, we should invest in better bras. I wholeheartedly agree. My grandmother always says, “If age don’t get you, gravity will.” Enough said as to why a good bra should be a part of our wardrobes at some point. Agins also gives other pointers about glasses and denim…things I’d never thought about but which can enhance your appearance. 

What I don’t LOVE:

The only criticism I’d have is they don’t seem to be very diverse. I mean Teri Agins is a Black woman, but otherwise, I haven’t really heard from anyone on their show, except White women. Full disclosure: I also haven’t listened to all the episodes. So, this may be unfounded.


I recommend the Everything is Fine podcast for any woman who is over forty. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting at a table with your besties. 

Listen to Everything is Fine. 

Navigating the Change Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.