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Let's get my remarkably rare name out the way - Y’Keal and Deborrie are my middle names and phonetically perfect for my music review tagline.  I’m also known by Ishna Hagan. Throughout my day, I create marketing-driven website copy and strategic promotional materials for North American and Canadian businesses. I am also a published author, most notably for my chapter in the anthology, Daddy: Reflections of Father-Daughter Relationships and for my WUSA9 online news reports. I’ve similarly written stories for my alma mater, Howard University, (#youknow) and for the National Newspaper Publishers Association. And yet, here I am today running a music review website. I have been handling this business for more than four years and am right around the mark where they say one will learn whether their business will fail or succeed. I have expanded mine with the "Reviewer to Artist" page and continue to write the home page reviews on exceptionally talented artists I research and pick. A fun fact about how I got here:  music relaxes me. It is therapeutic and harmonious, and it comes natural for me to break it down. Welcome to my world, and thank you for reading my site. Let’s chat about all things music. Feel free to share your thoughts on my critiques or send a song for review. Dart over to my contact page to start the conversation. Stay in touch. Stay up. Plant your seeds.

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