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These stories are helpful depending on the phase of menopause you’re experiencing.

Hell Ain’t Hotter

When I was forty-one, my brother, mom,  and I went on a birthday road trip. Our birthdays fall within two weeks of one another. We had gotten onto the highway: mom driving, the brother sprawled out in the back seat (as he does not… Continue Reading “Hell Ain’t Hotter”

Podcast Review: Menopause Whilst Black

I learned about Karen Arthur via Omisade’s Black Girls’ Guide to Menopause podcast. Once I heard her name, I added her on Instagram and began scrolling her posts with fervor. There was one post where she sounded off about how slanted the body mass… Continue Reading “Podcast Review: Menopause Whilst Black”


Горячая волна, накрывающая лицо и верхнюю половину тела, обильное потоотделение, учащенное сердцебиение знакомы четверым из пяти женщин, отметивших полувековой юбилей. Это приливы – состояние, спровоцированное гормональной перестройкой женского организма. Их начало, длительность, периодичность появления, и степень тяжести очень индивидуальны. У некоторых приливы начинаются перед… Continue Reading “ПРИМЕЧАНИЯ ОТ ВРАЧА: ПРИЛИВЫ И ОТЛИВЫ В МЕНОПАУЗЕ / ПРИЛИВЫ”

Notes from a Doctor: The Tides of Menopause/Hot Flashes

A hot wave covering the face and upper half of the body, excessive sweating, and rapid heartbeat are familiar to four our of five women who celebrate their half-century anniversary. These hot flashes are a condition provoked by hormonal adjustments of the female body.… Continue Reading “Notes from a Doctor: The Tides of Menopause/Hot Flashes”

Diary of a Menopausal Woman: Supplements

I loathe taking medications of any kind. It doesn’t matter what it’s for…I’m very skeptical of putting things in my body just because. With that said, menopause had my belly looking like a three-month pregnant woman, and that’s no bueno. It wasn’t until I… Continue Reading “Diary of a Menopausal Woman: Supplements”

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