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Perimenopause means on or around menopause.

My Experience with Midlife (So Far)

It’s been a little over four years since my menopause rhapsody started. After I found out why I was having hot flashes at night and vaginal dryness was a reoccurring thing, anxiety and spiritual awakening took over. “Do you think I’m crazy?” I asked… Continue Reading “My Experience with Midlife (So Far)”

Podcast Review: My Bloody Hell

I first learned of My Bloody Hell (MBH) through Instagram. As is customary, the owner followed me, and I followed her back. I didn’t realize MBH was a podcast, until Lori, the host reached out to me about being a guest. Before I agreed,… Continue Reading “Podcast Review: My Bloody Hell”

Digestive Health in Midlife

I wrote a short article about two types of supplements I take in midlife which have helped me tremendously in terms of feeling healthier. Also, they have reduced that three-months pregnant look whenever I eat flour-y carbs…Hey, I’m partly Italian. I like my pastas… Continue Reading “Digestive Health in Midlife”

Embracing the Change by Madeline Y Sutton, MD, MPH (Dr. Madeline, MD)

by Madeline Y Sutton, MD, MPH (Dr. Madeline, MD) We’ve all heard our mothers, aunties, friends, and grandmothers speak of “the change.” Then, we reach this period of transition, and we’re still like, “What in the world is happening?” No matter what we think… Continue Reading “Embracing the Change by Madeline Y Sutton, MD, MPH (Dr. Madeline, MD)”

Wellness Wednesday: Yoga for Bedtime with YOGAMOTIF

Navigating the Change has partnered with Alecia Dawn at YOGAMOTIF to offer everyone a natural remedy for insomnia: Yoga for Bedtime! In this 18-minute video, Alecia takes us through a gentle yoga practice that’s sure to prime you for a restful night. But remember,… Continue Reading “Wellness Wednesday: Yoga for Bedtime with YOGAMOTIF”

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