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Premenopause means before menopause.

Podcast Review: Menopause Whilst Black

I learned about Karen Arthur via Omisade’s Black Girls’ Guide to Menopause podcast. Once I heard her name, I added her on Instagram and began scrolling her posts with fervor. There was one post where she sounded off about how slanted the body mass… Continue Reading “Podcast Review: Menopause Whilst Black”


Горячая волна, накрывающая лицо и верхнюю половину тела, обильное потоотделение, учащенное сердцебиение знакомы четверым из пяти женщин, отметивших полувековой юбилей. Это приливы – состояние, спровоцированное гормональной перестройкой женского организма. Их начало, длительность, периодичность появления, и степень тяжести очень индивидуальны. У некоторых приливы начинаются перед… Continue Reading “ПРИМЕЧАНИЯ ОТ ВРАЧА: ПРИЛИВЫ И ОТЛИВЫ В МЕНОПАУЗЕ / ПРИЛИВЫ”

Notes from a Doctor: The Tides of Menopause/Hot Flashes

A hot wave covering the face and upper half of the body, excessive sweating, and rapid heartbeat are familiar to four our of five women who celebrate their half-century anniversary. These hot flashes are a condition provoked by hormonal adjustments of the female body.… Continue Reading “Notes from a Doctor: The Tides of Menopause/Hot Flashes”

Should I Get a Hysterectomy?

Like many women, my younger life was pretty uneventful as far as my health was concerned. Then, everything changed in 2001 when I got pregnant at age 35. As my pregnancy progressed, the doctor became concerned that I had a growing fibroid. It was… Continue Reading “Should I Get a Hysterectomy?”

Mastering Menopause: Don’t Miss This!

The Mastering Menopause Bundle sale ends tomorrow—Friday the 13th! Over $900 worth of resources for only $37—plus bonuses. including my ebook Becoming A Menopause Goddess! Seriously, don’t miss out. (I’m not totally sure why it’s only offered for one week, but that’s how they… Continue Reading “Mastering Menopause: Don’t Miss This!”

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