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There are a range of symptoms related to menopause. Here, creatives describe how they’ve experienced one or more of them.

Wellness Wednesday: Yoga for Bedtime with YOGAMOTIF

Navigating the Change has partnered with Alecia Dawn at YOGAMOTIF to offer everyone a natural remedy for insomnia: Yoga for Bedtime! In this 18-minute video, Alecia takes us through a gentle yoga practice that’s sure to prime you for a restful night. But remember,… Continue Reading “Wellness Wednesday: Yoga for Bedtime with YOGAMOTIF”

Product Review: L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons* by Desi Garland

When you’re in perimenopause, you may begin to have irregular periods. For example, sometimes I have two menstrual cycles per month and then none at all for a few months. “Irregular” can also include heavier periods. I’ve experienced this as well. As a result,… Continue Reading “Product Review: L. Organic Chlorine Free Pads and Tampons* by Desi Garland”

Что такое перименопауза?

Имеются различные определения перименопаузы, но все они обычно едины во мнении, что перименопауза начинается с момента наступления нерегулярных месячных—из-за ухудшения функции яичников—и заканчивается через год после последней менструации. У каждой женщины перименопауза протекает очень индивидуально. Средняя продолжительность этого периода от 3 до 4 лет,… Continue Reading “Что такое перименопауза?”

What is Perimenopause?

There are different definitions of perimenopause, but all of them are usually the same in the opinion that perimenopause begins at the time of irregular periods—due to the deterioration of ovarian function—and ends a year after the last menstruation. Every woman has perimenopause, and… Continue Reading “What is Perimenopause?”

Diary of a Menopausal Woman: Perimenopause is Lit 🙄

I haven’t had a period for ninety-nine days. I know this because I’ve set up my iPhone health app to keep track. Once I started having menstrual cycles twice a month, I thought this app would be a good idea. Turns out, I was… Continue Reading “Diary of a Menopausal Woman: Perimenopause is Lit 🙄”

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