Mastering Menopause: Don’t Miss This!

The Mastering Menopause Bundle sale ends tomorrow—Friday the 13th! Over $900 worth of resources for only $37—plus bonuses. including my ebook Becoming A Menopause Goddess! Seriously, don’t miss out. (I’m not totally sure why it’s only offered for one week, but that’s how they do it.)

When the Ultimate Bundles folks contacted me about including my book, I said I’d need to see the quality of the other offerings first. They obliged, and I have to say they have curated the best resources in one place I could imagine. I am honored to be among them.

There are resources for exercise, diet, natural remedies, and how to navigate the change. I only wish these had been available back when we went through the Pause. Although, we wouldn’t have created our Menopause Goddess Group, so I guess it’s okay.

Exercise should be fun. Many of you know that I dance hula which is a wonderful, low-impact aerobic exercise and fun, as well. It also helps with balance and memory. Jennifer Sobel’s offering of introductory belly dancing offers those + strengthening of the pelvic floor, which is so necessary for menopause goddesses. “Forget boring kegels,” she says. I am enjoying the lesson—exercise should be fun! And heaven knows, we need a little fun on this journey. Check it out. Order here.

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Wellness Wednesday: 5 Ways Irish Sea Moss gel Alleviates Menopause Symptoms by Isis Taylor

By Isis Taylor (The Gel Goddess)

When I initially started using Irish Sea Moss gel, I was looking for a natural way to alleviate my sinus congestion and seasonal allergies, but oh boy, I got so much more! The seasonal allergies seemed to have been triggered at the start of my menopause. I never had any issues with seasonal allergies until I turned fifty, along with hot flashes, irritability, fatigue, and weight gain. To say Irish Sea Moss is a superfood sounds outrageous, but it literally is. Sea Moss gel addresses nearly every side effect of menopause, and with consistent use, it not only alleviates, but also virtually gets rid of symptoms. I believe in the power of sea moss because I’m familiar with the research and science behind it, and I know first hand what it has done for me.

Menopausal women often experience weight gain due to the imbalance of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Sea moss is one of the best natural sources of iodine. Iodine plays an important role in regulating one’s metabolism, decreasing weight gain, and balancing hormones, or as I like to call them horror-moans. Sea moss is also a great source of natural iron, actually containing 9mg of iron per 100g, meaning it has nine times more iron than chicken. This is especially useful since I also follow a plant-based diet. Since incorporating sea moss into my daily diet, my energy levels and metabolism has increased to the point where I have finally been able to lose those stubborn menopausal pounds. In addition, it is an excellent source of natural dietary fiber which fills me up quicker and has allowed me to keep those menopausal extra pounds off and maintain my goal weight.  

Sea moss is also a great source of natural iron, actually containing 9mg of iron per 100g, meaning it has nine times more iron than chicken.

Isis Taylor (The Gel Goddess)

The most well-known side effect of menopause are the hot flashes; they come at any time of day and/or night. The magnesium and vitamin B6 found in sea moss help provide a natural remedy for hot flashes. After a month of consistent use of sea moss, I noticed that my hot flashes had decreased—from multiple hot flashes practically every hour each day to maybe one per hour—and now my hot flashes are virtually gone. In fact, now I’m the one in the household asking if it’s cold in here. 

Menopausal women also suffer from irritability and mood swings. Being a superfood, sea moss is packed with potassium, tryptophan, vitamin B6, and selenium—all of which have been known to reduce cortisol levels which improve mental health and mood. My stress and irritability, once greatly aggravated by my menopause, are much more manageable.

Unfortunately, menopause also wreaks havoc on our bones; this is mostly due to the loss of estrogen. Irish Sea Moss contains vitamin D, calcium, manganese, and zinc which helps bone and joint health by decreasing swelling around the joints, allowing for increased mobility. 

Menopausal women also have a higher risk of heart disease. Omega fatty acids, folic acid potassium, vitamin D, and magnesium are all natural nutrients that sea moss contains that help to improve circulation and lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood, which can improve overall heart health and function. 

Menopause is an inevitable stage of life that all women will experience.  The horror-moans don’t have to lead to a nightmarish existence. While there are many different ways of managing menopause, I prefer a more natural, holistic approach. That is why I advocate for using Sea Moss gel. The Earth provides us with a natural way to combat or alleviate most all menopausal symptoms  through a simple plant that is found in the ocean.

Isis Taylor (The Gel Goddess)

Isis Taylor is an RN with over twenty-five years of experience. As a BSN graduate of Georgia College and State University, she has worked as a critical care nurse in level 1 trauma centers in Atlanta and Middle Georgia and is currently a Transplant Nurse Case Manager. She has recently begun an experiment in multigenerational living to help care for her eighty-three-year-old mother, who is a retired nurse recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She currently resides in the Metro-Atlanta area with her husband, Elijah Taylor Jr., her mother, Bobbie Brown, and her two adult daughters, Jessica and Monica.

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Diary of a Menopausal Woman: 4 Ways I Reduced My Menopausal Symptoms

After my February period, I decided to stop using the progesterone cream altogether. Instead, I began listening to many of the suggestions I’d been reading and had been offered by people in the health and wellness field:

#1: Stop Having a Smoothie Every Morning. I began drinking berry smoothies with a scoop of Vega One protein and kefir at least a decade ago. Every single morning, with the exception of the weekends (weekends are for waffles), I’d had this smoothie combination. The issue with this is strawberries, cranberries, and raspberries are high in phytoestrogen. And without having any bloodwork done, I found out symptoms of excess estrogen include the following: heavy bleeding, depression/sadness, moodiness, and brain fog. Instead of having a berry smoothie, I now alternate with a bowl of oat bran or a mango-based smoothie.

#2 Include a Few Plant-Based Meals. Because my youngest daughter doesn’t eat meat, our family had already begun incorporating vegetarian meals for dinner. However, after I spoke with Karen Cerezo, she reinforced the idea that some meals should be plant-based. Consequently, I became more intentional about making dishes like vegan coconut curry. Plant-based meals are helpful if you suffer from the bloating that accompanies low progesterone levels.

#3 Drink Less Alcohol. Full disclosure…I used to have four drinks on Friday and four drinks on Saturday. These mostly included those tasty fruit-infused vodka drinks, along with some Simply Made fruit juice. A few years ago, I replaced them with a sugar-free vodka or an organic one (my favorites are Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint and Prairie Organic, Apple, Pear, & Ginger). I also swap out the juice for seltzer water. I imagine this decreases sugar, which also decreases inflammation, which then decreases symptoms, such as hot flashes and insomnia. And I definitely don’t drink wine. Wine is all sugar and no bueno for my menopausal self. Why Alcohol Affects Women More in Menopause does a great job of explaining why women should drink less at this age.

#4 Eat a Variety of Foods. I don’t know about you, but it’s very easy to get into a cooking rut. My husband knows I’m making salmon and some type of curry meal each week. I know he’s gonna grace us with some spaghetti, and if he’s feeling fancy, black bean burgers. Lish Danielle, over at LegitFit LLC suggested women over forty vary their meals. In order to do that, I buy a food magazine. One is 400-Calorie Meals; another is Better Homes & Gardens Mediterranean Diet Recipes. Flipping through (healthy) magazines and trying out a new meal is a great way to introduce different foods into your diet, and most of them are either low-cal, low-carb, or plant-based, so it’s a win-win.

So far, these four shifts have helped tremendously. I’m sleeping soundly at night. I haven’t had any night sweats or hot flashes, and I’ve stopped gaining weight.

April 8, 2021

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I Owe 3 Pregnancy Tests An Apology…They’ll Probably Never Get It

Under most circumstances, I’m usually pretty good at apologizing and admitting when I’m wrong. 

However, sixteen years ago, three different pregnancy tests accused me of being with child.

Though I strongly insisted that they were wrong, it turns out that they were, in fact, right. 

To this day, I have yet to proffer an apology for my error—and I probably never will. 

Yes, I’ll admit to calling every one of those tests gotdamned liars!

Yes, I’ll admit that they actually told the objective truth. 

No, I don’t feel bad for unfairly labeling them deceptive.

And no, I don’t give a shit. 

Anyway, I probably should explain—and I will—but before I do, allow me to introduce myself. 

I am LadyG, and I got caught up on the down-stroke some sixteen years ago when I was in my late thirties. 

How did that happen, you ask?

Shit, I wondered the same thing!

To be honest, I thought that my “baby-having” days were over. 

You see, I had already had a son, who was about to be twelve, and I figured he would be my sole contribution to the world’s population. 

For years, I had been lucky!

Even though I was sexually active, I somehow managed to escape any pregnancy scares—which is miraculous because your girl was getting the “up-stroke,”  “left- stroke,” “back-stroke,” and every other damn stroke in between. 

That said, I hadn’t even experienced one late period in all that time between my son’s birth and that unforgettable day in 2005 when those pregnancy tests started with their bullshit!

So, by the age of thirty-six, I thought I was in the clear!

I mean, I was a stone’s throw from my fortieth birthday, which to me, signified the last stop before menopause. Hell, I thought I was peri-menopausal.

Yeah chile, I thought I was in the clear, but as my Mama used to say, “Thought like the bitty—thought the hen’s titty was a city!”

LOL!  Go ahead and laugh at my troubles—the shit is funny now—but it wasn’t funny then. 

At any rate, I feel it’s important to give you some backstory in order to shed some light on my mindset at that particular point in time. 

One day I wasn’t feeling very well; I’d recently had some heavy bleeding during my periods—but nothing too scary. 

After about two weeks, I still felt ill so I decided to take a pregnancy test in order to rule that out.

I knew damn well pregnancy wasn’t the issue. 

So, I went to the drug store and bought a two-pack pregnancy test kit. 

Shortly thereafter, I went home, changed clothes, went to the bathroom, read the directions and peed on the little stick. 

Since I already “knew” that the test would be negative, I set the stick down on the sink, walked off, casually rummaged through some mail, and returned well beyond the amount of time required for the results to appear. 

Hell, I even stopped to mess around in my closet before looking at the test stick. 

Suffice it to say, your girl was not at all pressed!

Anyway, before approaching the stick, I glanced at a picture on the test box which illustrated that one line appearing in the little test window meant “not pregnant,” while two lines meant “pregnant.”

Well, I went ahead and picked up the stick—fully prepared to see one line. 

Chile, when I looked at that stick and saw two lines I screamed at the top of my lungs! 

I hollered, “WHAT?”

Baby, I was FRANTIC!

Despite the shock, I remembered that I had gotten a double pack. 

I recall thinking that the first test was clearly mistaken.

So, I decided to go ahead and pee on the second stick so I could get that negative result and go on about my normal affairs. 

Half nervous, I peed on the second stick, sat it down, then commenced to pace back and forth in front of the toilet.

A couple of minutes later, I looked at the stick which displayed extra dark double lines.

Chile, it was as if the tests were saying, “Bitch you’re pregnant…Why doth thou keep testing us?”


So very RUDE!

At any rate, do you think I called the father?

Oh hell naw! 

I called my bestie and said, “Bitch, if you’re not already sitting down, you better!”

She responded, very cautiously, “Okay…”

To which I immediately blurted, “I’m pregnant!”

After the initial shock, she was somehow able to talk my ass off the imaginary ledge that I had constructed in my mind. 

Real talk, I don’t know what I would have done without her. 

My next call was to my partner–who was surprisingly calm. 

He advised me not to worry and ensured me that everything would be fine. 

Later that evening, he came over so that we could discuss next steps. 

I asked him to bring a third test—just to be absolutely sure.

To my chagrin, I failed that one too!

To be honest, I felt some kinda way because my partner was a bit too relaxed and upbeat about the situation. 

I felt like he was making light of things. 

Freshly pregnant, I was all up in my feelings!

So, after I’d had all the playfulness that I could stand, I hollered, “It’s funny to you because you ain’t gotta do nothin’ but stand there looking stupid while death walks around my bed ninety-nine times…I’m looking at pushing a baby out at damn near forty!”

By the way, folks in the South often talk about death walking around your bed during childbirth—but that’s another story. 

Anyway, let’s just say that I got his ass together real quick, and he ended up apologizing. 

Ah, but let me tell you the strangest part to LadyG’s pregnancy drama. 

I ended up getting pregnant, unexpectedly, while there were several family members and friends who were trying desperately to have a child—to no avail.

No doubt, I felt weird sharing this news with them.

Of course, that’s also another story for a different day.

Either way, I finally came to terms with the pregnancy and began looking forward to the birth of my baby. 

Unfortunately, it was a very complex and rocky pregnancy. 

I was sick almost the entire time. 

I was also anxious, to some degree, about all of the prenatal testing that was recommended due to my age. 

Honestly, I declined most of them believing that whatever was meant to be would be.

I simply decided not to let all of those scary potentialities bother me. 

In fact, I was bound and determined that me and my child would go through this like two champs! 

So, everyday, I followed my mother’s advice to take things “day-by-day” and to keep praying.

And, alas, I’m happy to report that we both made it through the pregnancy, and sure enough, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl—thus beginning another chapter of motherhood.

In parting, I’d like to thank YOU for checking out my story.

To those three rude-ass pregnancy tests, I bid you “Good day!”

LadyG is the founder of Seek the Best Blog where she is a passionate writer and storyteller who tinkers around with multiple forms of artistic expression. Whether she is producing encouraging videos, making humorous audio posts, writing thought provoking short stories, or taking photos of light in nature, LadyG strives to create and share content to edify a growing community of followers.

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Creativity Heats up during Menopause

Myriad uncomfortable and difficult changes happen during the menopause transition. Sometimes negative aspects can overshadow the fact that positive changes occur too. Our menopause goddess group was delightfully surprised to discover that while we may have lost the ability to procreate, our energies morphed into newfound desires to create.

Creativity blossoms during menopause and post-menopause. The desire to ‘make’ something, to create, to collage, or to cultivate an artistic endeavor feels like an itch we just have to scratch. We take up beading, musical instruments, knitting, photography, painting, calligraphy, pottery, gourmet cooking, poetry, handmade books, gardening, fabric arts, dance, stamping, and scrapbooking.

Once we tap into our creative urges, we wonder what took us so long. We overflow with inspiration and we aren’t afraid to fail. The “not afraid to fail” may be the most important piece. After all, the creativity police won’t come and take us away if we suck at something. And I can attest that if you find something you enjoy and stick with it, eventually you won’t suck. I danced hula for two years with a pair of left feet before it all clicked.

But it really matters not if we are “good” at what we choose as our creative outlet. It’s important that we jump in with both feet, both arms, and a whole heart. We need it because it nourishes us. We are fertile in a whole new way. We are growing into the women we wish to be.

So dance, draw, paint, photograph, knit, write. Don’t wait—the house doesn’t need to be cleaner, dinner can be eggs, and the laundry will rest in the hamper another day. As poet Mary Oliver asks, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Giving in to our creative urges, in whatever modality or art we choose, is a nurturing, fulfilling process. Schedule an “art day” soon, alone or with a best girlfriend. Usher in your “second adulthood.” If not now, when?

Lynette Sheppard, RN is the author of Becoming A Menopause Goddess and moderates the popular Menopause Goddess Blog.

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